CIFCA is a pluralistic network of movements and European organisations that promotes solidarity between the nations of Central America, Mexico and Europe.

CIFCA defends and promotes a comprehensive vision of Human Rights, including civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights. The network promotes the collective right to peace, to a healthy environment, the sovereignty and self-determination of peoples. CIFCA also defends the right to development as a human right.

CIFCA promotes social and political democracy, which is truly participatory, in which governments commit to defending the interests of the most vulnerable sectors of society.

CIFCA promotes equality between men and women, especially the rights of women, who represent a group particularly vulnerable to violence and economic, social and political discrimination.

CIFCA promotes the defence of indigenous and Afro-descendant peoples, who have been subjected to diverse forms of discrimination, genocide, ethnocide and long-term extermination in the course of the last two centuries. These peoples and communities are much more exposed to the economic, cultural and political consequences of globalisation.

CIFCA favours the common interests of society over private interests. The economy must fulfill a social function and be at the service of people and not vice versa, within a sustainable development framework.

The struggle for human dignity and the principles of democracy and transparency guide CIFCA’s internal functioning and external relationships.

CIFCA aims to consolidate and expand its work through partnerships, alliances and support to NGOs, social organisations, networks, experts, and others who struggle for global transformation, both with the European Union and in Mexico and Central America.