How we work:

CIFCA’s Executive Secretariat is based in Brussels and coordinates the participation of the members around three main working areas:

  • Relations between EU and Central America and Mexico (political dialogue, cooperation policies and trade).
  • Civil and Political Rights (Impunity, Feminicide and Human Rights Defenders).
  • Natural Resources, Right to Food and Access to Land.

The network has legal status as a Belgian association since 2003.

Being a member of CIFCA means sharing its principles and values, paying a contribution (membership fee), attending meetings, actively participating in the network and promoting it in members’ own countries.

Requirements for admission into the network:

To become a member of CIFCA, a formal letter of application must be sent to the Board of Directors, including a reference for the organisation’s work in Central America and/or Mexico as well as the motivation for joining the network. This letter must be sent together with a copy of the legal documents required by CIFCA’s Rules of Procedure.

Once the Board of Directors has approved the new membership application, the representatives of the organisation will be invited to participate in the following General Assembly to present their application for membership. After this presentation the General Assembly will vote on whether to accept the organisation as a member.


Please find here CIFCA’s Rules of Procedure, only in Spanish:

Reglamento interno de CIFCA, 2010