El Salvador is located in the torrid zone, north of the Equator and west of Greenwich. Its land area is 20,742 square kilometers. Limits the north with the Republic of Honduras, on the south by the Pacific Ocean (321 km. Of coastline), the east with the Republic of Honduras and the Republic of Nicaragua (the Gulf of Fonseca in between) and the West with the Republic of Guatemala.

Since the signing of the Peace Accords in 1992, the country has made progress on the path of democracy and human development, but it still has many challenges ahead for sustained growth of its economy and achieve equal opportunity, safety, education and participation population policy. High levels of crime and insecurity and environmental vulnerability of the area are also among the major problems that the country has to face.


Milk is a fundamental constituent of the basic diet for a family, and therefore essential to guarantee the right to food. In Southern countries such as Colombia, Peru and Central American countries it is furthermore the basis of the rural family sustenanc...

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